We appreciate our community and would like to give back a little now that we have a Chernarus server! Though players will only receive donation perks once approved on our Chernarus server and not Namalsk. Please be advised that all custom gear made will show up in the donator trader and will be open for ALL players to purchase in game and use for themselves. The only thing the donators for that clothing gets is the ability to customize it how ever they wish weather it’s adding a logo or making an entire pink set of gear we’ll do it and everyone will be able to use it.

Donations WILL NOT be used for personal gain. 100% of donations go into the server for monthly costs / custom mods / Discord bots and more to make the server more fun and accessible for all!

Donation Info!

By donating you help us keep our servers alive and allow us to bring cool custom guns and other custom stuff to thank our players and community for sticking with us and supporting us from our small beginnings on December 3rd 2020.

Donation Perks!

For donating any amount you get the supporter role on our discord! If you wish to gain something from donating you can choose what perk you get for donating the Perks you can choose from are Priority Queue, Custom Clothing Retextures, and Custom Weapon Retextures!

For Priority Queue $15 a month.

For Custom Clothing Retextures $10 for each small item and 15$ for each large item.

For Custom Weapon Retextures $20 per weapon reskin.

Please note this will not take place untill our Monetization is apprioved by Bohemia Interactive.

To Donate please click this link it will take you directly to the donation page.

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